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USB Smart Button

Q:  Does it launch a new web page?
A: It launches any web page (URL) you want us to program into it.

*We can also program them to perform any key-stoke function or combination of key-strokes that you require for custom programs, e.g. Ctrl+P = Print Function within Microsoft Word ®.

Q: Can they be used in any country?

A: The smartbutton typically emulates a standard US or UK QWERTY Keyboard so if you use any other type such as AZERTY or QWERTZ, please let us know at the point of order & we will program your smartbuttons accordingly.

Q:  What are they used for?
A: We are amazed that the creative uses that our customer come up with... typically they are promotional hand-outs, or advertising tools designed to drive traffic to your web site.

Q:  Can I get a virus?
A: Not from the SmartButton.  It simply enters keystrokes through the USB port.  All information is pre-programmed at the factory and does not contain any executable files.

Q:  How does it work?
A: It is a keyboard emulator that simply opens your browser and enters the appropriate data for the website URL

Q:  Where do I plug it in?

A: Any available USB port on your computer.

Q:  How does it come packaged?
The standard buttons come in individual sealable polythene bags. Boxes are available as an optional extra, these can be custom printed for additional charge.

Q: Can I reprogram it myself?
A: No, the information is pre-programmed at the factory.

Q:  Can I send it back to be reprogrammed?
A: We can offer this as a separate chargeable service.  However you can also change the HTML in the web page it links to.

Q:  How do I get a sample?
A: Yes, you can.  We sell samples to customers... for information on purchasing samples, please email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . There is a charge of £4.50 to cover the sample & postage & packing. Samples come blank & pre-programmed to a default site.

Q Q:  Can I use this on a MAC and PC? Why?
The smartbutton is only available for use on a PC. A Mac version is currently under development.

Q:  How do I turn it off?
You would have to unplug it. It never needs to be turned off. It has no battery; it is powered by the computers power.

Q:  What kind of software do I need to install?
None, you only need to have an established default browser.

Q:  How long will it last?
Indefinitely, since the USB port powers it, it does not contain batteries.

Q:  Can it break?
Just like any other device made out of material, yes.  However the chip we use is used in medical devices and computers worldwide so it is VERY reliable.

Q:  What do I get with the price?
A pre-programmed SmartButton with a very simple instruction sheet, custom printed with your logo.