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USB Smart Button

The perfect tool to bypass your competition!

This simple, innovative USB device keeps your business “one button-push” in front of your competition.

Human nature suggests that we like to keep things simple and easy.

With your branded smartbutton on your customers’ desk, they are so much more likely to press it than trawl through their browser “favourites” to find your (or your competitors!) products or services.

Pressing the smartbutton will launch their browser to any URL of your choosing*.

When connected, they have an LED light inside to draw subtle attention to your brand.

Available with RGB colour changing LED’s - red, blue, green, or orange single colour LED’s available (factory order - subject to minimum order quantities.)

The Printable surface area is clear and coloured to match the LED’s, or opalescent to give a neutral background to show off your brand logo to its maximum effect.

When pressed, the button sends a keyboard command to the computer to open a web site (internet), or an intranet (closed company network).

Smartbuttons are keyboard emulators; the computer receives a command just like it would from a keyboard. This means they cannot hold viruses, nor be infected, making them completely safe for your users.

Push the SmartButton and it will automatically activate your browser and open a web URL of your choice*.

  • Hand them out as business cards
  • Hand them out a Tradeshows
  • For banks and insurance industries, use the buttons to link to your online services.
  • For restaurants or pizza places, use the USB buttons to link to your take out services.
  • Another great use it using the buttons for weekly online contests for your customers.
  • Use the Smart Buttons for 'secret URLS" for your best customers exclusive savings offers
  • *Use the smartbutton as a single press function on your custom software programs